Attorney Hunt - Philadelphia construction real estate litigation lawyer

Thomas V. Hunt has been a practicing lawyer for more than thirty years in the areas of:


Commercial business litigation
Construction law issues
Construction contractor agreements
Construction management disputes
Mechanic's liens, waivers and claims
Decedent's estates

Real estate transfers
Commercial property sales
Commercial real estate leases
Commercial evictions and ejectment actions
Personal injury claims and lawsuits

When you retain an attorney, that attorney is your representative. In Mr. Hunt's view, the most important parts of representation are knowledge, experience, common sense and communication with his clients.

The proper application of these four goes a long way to achieve a result, and we feel confident that we can apply our experience and knowledge to your case. We are sure that our common sense approach and our insistence on maintaining timely and expeditious contact with the courts, opposing counsel, and most of all, our clients, will result in our having earned your confidence and your trust.

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Attorney Thomas V. Hunt - Philadelphia lawyer for construction, mechanics liens, commercial real estate sales transfers leases, business litigation, decedent's estates law